Article 1 : 3rd International Adana Stone Sculpture Symposium which is held by Adana Metropolitan Municipality in the memory of 15th July Democracy Struggle will take place between 15th May and 9th June 2017.


Article 2 : 3rd International Adana Stone Sculpture Symposium will be held within the consultancy of Çukurova University.


Article 3 : The theme of the Symposium has been specified as “Democracy and Freedoom”.


Article 4 : The artists to participate in the Symposium will be chosen by the jury. The jury is composed of the individuals recommended by the representatives of Adana Metropolitan Municipality and Çukurova University.


Article 5 : Designs which will be sent by the artists who will apply for the Syposium have to be unapplied somewhere else before and have to be original. The artists can send two different design at most.


Article 6 : The jury will specify 10 artists who will participate in the Symposium based on the application portfolios sent by the artists.


Article 7 : The sculptures created in the symposium will remain in the possession of Adana Metropolitan Municipality. Adana Metropolitan Municipality will have responsibility for the care and protection of the sculptures. Also it has the capacity to exhibit, move, film these sculptures and use these videos.


Article 8 : The material to be used as sculpture material is two or three cubic metres of Muğla marble. Adana Metropolitan Municipality is liable to provide each artist with the marbles that he/she has specified the measurement in his/her project as cut in approximate sizes. Also, the base of the sculptures, its mounting and materials needed for the mounting (if specified in the application portfolio) will be provided by Adana Metropolitan Municipality.


Article 9 : Artists themselves should bring along small electrical hand tools and the consumables of these. Adana Metropolitan Municipality will supply 220V of electricity and its extension leads, elevator and the compressor mechanism which is needed for the working of pneumatic hand tools continuously at the shaded area of the Symposium. The Municipality will make the arrangements related to the conditions of the work and security of the Symposium area.


Article 10 : Breakfasts, lunches, dinners and accommodation of the artists participating in the Symposium will be provided by Adana Metropolitan Municipality. Transportation will cover economy-class round-trip flight ticket and transfers from the airport for all the artists. The fare of the artists who will participate from abroad will be compensated up to 500 dollars by the Municipality. In case the fare is over this amount, the artists need to pay for it.  Every artist will pay for the flight ticket himself/herself and when he/she comes, the payment for the flight ticket will be made to them.


Article 11 : Adana Metropolitan Municipality will pay 3.000 dollars as a royalty to every artist who has completed his/her work in the given time pursuant to the Specifications and delivered his/her work. The half of the payment will be made two days later after the start of the Symposium and the other half will be made after the Symposium has been completed.


Article 12 : The artists who do not show up without a notice of excuse in the first five days from the start of the symposium will lose their right to participate.


Article 13 : The works will be carried out under the canopies in the open air. The artists need to be ready for the seasonal weather conditions such as rainfall, hot, cold etc.


Article 14 : The artists are liable to take out personal accident insurance.


Article 15 : The artists are liable to be present in the working area during the working hours and to follow the symposium schedule.  In any exceptional situations, the Symposium Committee will have a right to assess the situation.


Article 16 : In case the artists fail to complete their work in the given time because of unavoidable reasons such as illness, accident etc. or because of the careless and levity attitudes to their work, the Symposium Committee will have a right to make a decision and in case of disagreement, the Courts in Adana are authorized to judge only.


Article 17 : At the end of the symposium, every artist will be given a participation certificate issued by Adana Metropolitan Municipality.


Article 18 : The artists participating in the Symposium are advised to bring along visual materials or introductory documents related to cultural and artistic works of theirs or their countries to share with visitors and the other artists.


Article 19 : The artists requesting and accepting to participate in 3rd International Adana Stone Sculpture Symposium are deemed to have accepted “the Specifications for the Artists”.